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Indonesia: BPS's rice data must be a reference for decisions

Updated Mar 29, 2023
TABLOIDSINARTANI.COM, Jakarta --- The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) is the institution mandated to issue statistical data on food production. Because of that, Indonesian Politics, Economic and Policy Institute (IPEC) researcher, Bramastyo Bontas, thinks BPS data should be a reference. BPS data states that the rice harvest area in 2022 is 10.45 million hectares (ha), an increase of 0.39 percent compared to 2021 which was 10.41 million ha. This means that rice production from January to February 2023 will be higher than the same period the previous year. Likewise, rice production in 2022 was 31.54 million tons, which was 0.18 percent higher than in 2021, which was 31.36 million tons. In fact, in 2022 the balance of production minus consumption will be a surplus of 1.34 million tonnes and in 2021 a surplus of 1.31 million tonnes. "This means that in 2022 rice production will increase and the surplus will also increase," he said. Meanwhile, in January-February 2023 the harvested ...
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