Iranian dates cover all the tastes of the world/ 50% export of Kerman's product

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Published Jun 29, 2023

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During a meeting with Iran's business consultants, Mohsen Rashidfarkhi highlighted Iran's status as the second largest producer of dates, after Egypt, with a production of 1.3 million tons. He emphasized that Iran covers all taste varieties and has a turnover of $1.5 billion, with nearly $500 million in date exports, 50% of which comes from Kerman province. Rashidfarkhi urged a focus on productivity rather than increasing production due to water resource challenges and emphasized the need for better coordination between economic consultants and the private sector to address export-related obstacles.
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Mohsen Rashidfarkhi stated today, the 7th of July, at the meeting of Kerman province's export development working group, which was held virtually with Iran's business consultants in the target countries: "One million and 300 thousand tons is the amount of date production in Iran, and we are the second largest producer in the world after Egypt." And in terms of varieties, we are the first country to cover all tastes in the world. He added: We have more than 60 varieties of dates, 12 to 14 of which are commercial, and we have a turnover of one and a half billion dollars. Referring to the export of dates worth nearly 500 million dollars, Rashid Farrokhi said: 50% of the export is for Kerman province and this province has a strong potential in exporting dates. The head of the National Date Association of Iran and Kerman Province said: There is no need to increase production, because the water resources of the country and the province are in trouble, and we do not need to expand the ...
Source: Isna
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