Irish farmers began to buy jackets for calves

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Published Feb 6, 2024

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Farmers in Ireland are resorting to buying jackets for their calves due to a shortage of straw for barn bedding. The jackets help the calves conserve energy for growth rather than using it to maintain body temperature. However, these jackets need regular cleaning and adjustment to prevent disease spread. Animal Health Ireland has proposed the use of wood chips as an alternative bedding material.
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Farmers in Ireland have begun purchasing warm clothing for their calves. This is due to the lack of straw for bedding in barns. Farmers are forced to insulate literally every calf. “Straw is in short supply on many farms. Using calf jackets could help some farmers solve this problem,” reports online publication Calf jackets are becoming increasingly common on Irish dairy farms, the newspaper notes. They are purchased so that calves do not waste energy on maintaining body temperature and direct it towards growth. It is reported that animal clothing manufacturers have already sold over a thousand calf jackets. Farmers are stocking up on animal clothing in anticipation of spring calving. Livestock farmers themselves say that jackets help calves keep warm, although there is no scientific evidence for this yet. However, using jackets for calves is not so simple. They constantly need to be adjusted on the calf and ensure that the animal does not sweat. ...
Source: Milknews
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