Irish right-wing uses fisheries as wedge issue in EU election campaign

Published May 22, 2024

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The Ireland First Party, a new far-right political group in Ireland, is focusing on the fishing industry for the European Parliament elections in June 2024, claiming Ireland is losing 84 percent of its fisheries, costing over EUR 200 billion, a figure disputed by the Irish Fish Producers Organization. The party also aims to limit immigration and review climate change efforts. Meanwhile, Aontú's candidate Patrick Murphy argues that Ireland lost significant fishing quotas post-Brexit and calls for fairer quota distribution and better support for the fishing industry.
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The Ireland First Party, one of a clutch of new far-right parties to emerge onto Ireland’s political scene in recent months, has made the country’s fishing industry a plank of its policy platform in the run-up to European Parliament elections in June 2024.A pamphlet mailed recently to all households in Ireland’s Midlands and Northwest electoral region by Ireland First’s candidate for the region Margaret Maguire said the party wants to “reclaim our waters and build back our fishing industry.” “Ireland is losing 84 percent of our fisheries at a cost to Ireland of over EUR 200 billion [USD 215 billion] and counting,” the Ireland First pamphlet said.SeafoodSource’s attempts to reach Maguire for clarification on her party’s positions were unsuccessful. Irish Fish Producers Organization (IFPO) Chief Executive Aodh O’Donnell told SeafoodSource he couldn’t identify the source of the EUR 200 billion figure and not sure what it was based on.Most of Ireland First’s social media accounts ...
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