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Netherlands: IRS reports first cercospora and stemphylium in Limburg

IRS: eerste cercospora en stemphylium gevonden in Limburg
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Sugar Beet
Environmental Issue
Jun 27, 2022
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Beet Institute IRS reports that infestations of cercospora and stemphylium have been found on beet plots in IRS area Limburg. That is why the leaf fungus warning service advises growers in this area to be alert.
The beet institute advises growers to check their beet fields every week and to spray them if they find spots of cercospora, stemphylium or another leaf fungus. No warning has yet been issued for other areas, because no leaf fungi have yet been found, the IRS reports. However, the IRS advises to regularly check the sugar beets in these regions for leaf fungi and to keep an eye on the infection levels. The beet institute refers growers to a specially designed page on its website for advice on how to control leaf fungi. Infestation images For infestation images of the various fungi and more information about the permitted fungicides, IRS refers to the same page. According to IRS, stemphylium can easily be confused with manganese deficiency or damage caused by insects or wind, for example, to the back of the leaf. The older brown spots of the leaf fungus can be confused with leaf spots caused by the bacterium pseudomonas. In addition, ...
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