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UK: Why does a jackfruit cost more than a thousand reais in England?

Viralizou no Twitter: por que uma jaca chega a custar mais de mil reais na Inglaterra?
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United Kingdom
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Feb 16, 2022
From G1globo
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The record was made by BBC reporter Ricardo Senra last Sunday (13) and went viral on Twitter, with about 100 thousand shares: a jackfruit for sale for 160 pounds or R$ 1,120, according to the current price, in a tent in the Borough Market, the most famous market in London, the capital of the United Kingdom. Peach is the 'fruit of the gods', linked to immortality The astronomical value shocked many users — after all, jackfruit can be found in large quantities in many parts of Brazil and sold for less than R$5, when not seen rotting by the country streets. So, what explains charging such a high price for this fruit, considered "exotic" by foreigners? And why has the demand for it grown recently abroad? Share on WhatsAppShare on Telegram Mercado Municipal de SP bans three stalls after complaints about 'fruit coup' First of all, it is necessary to remember a basic rule: the point of sale influences the composition of the price - and this goes for any product.
"Even in Brazil, the price of jackfruit varies. There are places where it is possible to pick it from the tree and for free. In others, it is extremely expensive", emphasizes Sabrina Sartori, CEO of Estância das Frutas, an orchard that houses 3 thousand fruit species in the interior of São Paulo. But in fact, the international trade of jackfruit, in particular, is quite complex and risky. And there are several reasons for this, including its perishable nature, its seasonality and its volume. "Jaca is very heavy, ripens very quickly and has a very peculiar aroma that is not liked by everyone", says Sartori. Also read: Do you know how to choose fruits and vegetables? See 10 tips Umbu, feijoa, biribá — native fruits are not the most popular in Brazil Discover why fruit flies appear in your kitchen Weighing up to 40 kilos, the fruit, which is not native to Brazil — is actually a species invasive species of the Atlantic Forest, is extremely perishable and has a short shelf life in ...
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