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Italy is about to ban the importation of laboratory food

Updated Mar 30, 2023
Italy is about to ban the production of cell-based foods in order to "protect its gastronomic heritage". The draft law was approved by the Italian government on March 28 and submitted to the parliament for a vote. The move could have major implications for the nascent industry, which is making strides worldwide in regulatory approvals and cell-based products on the verge of commercialization.
Italy is the first country to take a strong stand against cell-based agriculture. If the draft becomes law, it could be a serious blow to the cell-based movement, which is currently considered one of the world's leading future trends and is feared to have a domino effect in other countries. The proposal would ban Italian industry from producing food or feed from "cell cultures or tissues derived from vertebrate animals". The draft law also foresees a fine ...
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