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Italy wine exports in the January-August 2022

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Updated Nov 20, 2022
Italian wine exports in the January-August 2022 period grew by 13% to 5.1 billion euros, thus reaching a level approximately 26% above the pre-Covid level. The growth in 2021 is entirely attributable to the improvement in prices and the mix, given that the trend in volumes is stable at 14.2 million hectoliters, -0.4% on 2021.
In a few days you will see the numbers of French exports in September, which a brief advance here: for the period ending in September, France made 9 billion, +12% (therefore a little less than Italy), but it comes from an exceptionally positive recovery in the previous months. If we transpose the data on an annual basis, we arrive at 7.7 billion euros, +11% and 22.2 million hectoliters, +2%. Sparkling wines remain the main growth factor, while from the point of view of the markets, some signs of weakness are beginning to appear in the American market and rather negative data ...

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