Japan: Coasts flooded with dead fish

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Published Dec 10, 2023

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Thousands of fish washed up dead on the shores of Hokkaido, Japan, creating an atypical weekend for residents. A video of the event spread on social networks, showing the magnitude of the issue. Scientists and experts are unable to determine the cause, but speculate that the cold currents in the northern hemisphere may be to blame.
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An atypical weekend for Japanese people in the northern part of Japan. Thousands of fish washed up dead on the shores of the northern island of Hokkaido. A video spread on social networks shows the magnitude of the event. The waves carried hundreds of carcasses of mackerel and sardines. At the moment, scientists and experts in environmental issues cannot find reasons for what happened. However, the first speculations suggest that the cold currents typical of the season in the northern hemisphere cause the death of thousands of marine animals. It is worth noting that, in this area of the Pacific Ocean, the Kuroshio currents and the Oyashio current are the most influential. MORE INFORMATION: What can we learn from Japan? Along with the aforementioned theory, marine environmental scientists pointed out the possibility of the presence of predators that drive fish to the coasts of Japan. For their part, the authorities and residents of the area, especially those who make a living from ...
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