Kang Ho-dong, Chairman of the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation, meets with the Chairman of the Vietnam Cooperative Alliance (VCA)

Published May 27, 2024

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Chairman Kang Ho-dong of South Korea's National Agricultural Cooperative Federation has met with Cao Xuan Thu Ven, Chairman of Vietnam's Vietnam Cooperative Alliance (VCA), to discuss the enhancement of agricultural development and cooperative projects between the two nations. The VCA is Vietnam's leading cooperative central organization with a substantial membership base across various industries. The discussion encompassed plans to broaden training opportunities for VCA leaders to understand the Korean Agricultural Cooperatives' development model and integrate Nonghyup's organic supply system into Vietnam. Additionally, the meeting explored ways to enhance Vietnam's seasonal work system through cooperation between the two entities, aiming to strengthen economic ties and expand agricultural and food exports from South Korea to Vietnam.
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On the 24th, Chairman Kang Ho-dong of the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation met with Cao Xuan Thu Ven, Chairman of the Vietnam Cooperative Alliance (VCA), at the main building of the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation in Jung-gu, Seoul, and discussed ways to develop agriculture and expand cooperative projects in the two countries. VCA is Vietnam's top cooperative central organization with 31,324 cooperatives and 7.05 million members in various industries such as agriculture, credit, services, and transportation. VCA has maintained various exchanges and cooperative relationships since signing a comprehensive business agreement with Korea Agricultural Cooperative in 2009. Chairman Two Burn requested Chairman Kang to expand training for VCA executives and staff in order to learn the development model of the Korean Agricultural Cooperatives. In particular, he wanted to incorporate Nonghyup's organic supply system, which covers production, processing, distribution, ...
Source: Nongmin
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