Kazakh farmers have completed the sowing campaign

Published Jun 18, 2024

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Kazakhstan has successfully completed its sowing campaign for the year, achieving its target of 23.8 million hectares, which includes grain, oilseeds, fodder, vegetable, and potato crops. Despite challenging weather conditions, the campaign was finished on time, ensuring food security and the stable growth of the agricultural sector. The success of the campaign was attributed to the collaboration between farmers and the adequate resources provided, with an increase in fertilizer usage and significant preferential financing set for 2024.
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The sowing campaign has officially completed in Kazakhstan. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan. As of June 14, work on sowing agricultural crops was completed on an area of 23.8 million hectares, which is 100% of the planned volume. Grain crops are sown on an area of 16.6 million hectares, oilseeds are sown on an area of 3.0 million hectares, and 3.4 million hectares are sown with fodder crops. Also, vegetable crops are sown on an area of 142.5 thousand hectares, and potatoes - on an area of 166.8 thousand hectares. Spring field work, despite difficult weather conditions, was completed in optimal time. At the same time, in cases where sowing dates were delayed due to heavy rainfall, farmers used early-ripening and mid-ripening varieties. Completion of the sowing campaign on time and in full is an important stage for ensuring the country’s food security and stable development of the agricultural sector. Minister of ...
Source: Agrosektor
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