Kazakh farmers have reduced prices for sunflower seeds and corn

Published Jun 18, 2024

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In May, agricultural producers in the country reduced the cost of goods by an average of 1.4% compared to the same period last year, with sunflower seeds experiencing the largest price drop at 17.5%. Other significant decreases were seen in safflower seeds, buckwheat, corn, and barley. Conversely, prices for millet, carrots, rice, and greenhouse cucumbers increased. Livestock product prices also fluctuated, with poultry prices rising by 12.6% and horses by 6.5%, while pig prices slightly decreased by 0.4%. Milk prices went up by 1.5%, and egg prices fell by 0.7%. Additionally, Kazakhstan has boosted its export of livestock and poultry to countries such as Uzbekistan, Kuwait, and Tajikistan.
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Farmers have reduced prices for seeds, buckwheat and tomatoes, LS reports. In May of this year, agricultural producers reduced the cost of goods by an average of 1.4% across the country compared to the same period last year. Data from the Bureau of National Statistics shows that sunflower seeds have fallen in price the most - by 17.5%. Next, prices for safflower seeds fell - by 12.7%, buckwheat - by 11%, corn - by 9.2%, and barley - by 7.3%. Rapeseed seeds (-6.2%), peas (-6%), lentils (-5.8%), greenhouse tomatoes (-4.1%), onions (-3.5%) also became cheaper. potatoes (-2.3%), wheat (-1.2%) and oats (-0.8%). However, several types of agricultural products, on the contrary, rose in price: millet – by 9.3%, carrots – by 7.2%, rice – by 6.3%, and greenhouse cucumbers – by 1%. Changes also affected livestock products. Farmers raised the price of poultry (in slaughter weight) by 12.6%. Horses (in live weight) became more expensive by 6.5%, sheep - by 4.5%. The situation is the opposite ...
Source: Oilworld
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