Kiwi Fruit Committee of Chile promotes Kiwi Management System to support producers

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Innovation & Technology
Published Feb 26, 2024

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The Chilean Fruit Kiwi Committee has launched a new computer platform to provide real-time data on the national kiwi season, aiding producers in planning and monitoring their harvests. The platform, which was developed in 2020, offers a comprehensive view of harvests by communes, regions, and at the national level, and includes access to various programs and resources. Recent data from the platform indicates a delay of 7 to 10 days in flowering this year, providing valuable insights into local realities and differences between orchards.
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Help producers be updated and informed, so that they know what is happening during the season at the national level with kiwi throughout Chile, and with this they can make better decisions. On the other hand, it helps them visualize their harvests by communes, regions and at the national level. These are some of the main objectives of the new computer platform developed by the Chilean Fruit Kiwi Committee. Carlos Cruzat, president of the Committee, explained that the reports that we previously sent by email or WhatsApp are now available more quickly, online producers can review the data regarding the growth of the fruit and evolution of the season every week. “The first thing we did was incorporate the system so that the data is available at the moment, so that producers can know what is happening with the orchards and on the other hand have information on the harvests by communes, regions and at the national level. ”, he highlighted. Cruzat explained that the producer enters the ...
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