KO candidate for the European Parliament: it is a myth that the Green Deal will kill Polish agriculture

Published May 23, 2024

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Two conferences were held in Rzeszów, organized by candidates for the European Parliament from the Non-Party Local Government Workers and the Civic Coalition, to discuss the European Union's Green Deal. Jacek Kotula argued that the Green Deal would lead to social impoverishment due to increasing costs, and urged voters not to support those responsible for the deal. Małgorzata Zych criticized the subsidies for waste incineration plants and the potential import of waste from abroad. Elżbieta Łukacijewska, leader of the KO list, stated that the Green Deal would not harm Polish agriculture and emphasized its support for the energy transformation and modernization of public transport.
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The Green Deal was the main topic of two conferences organized on Wednesday in Rzeszów by candidates for the European Parliament, running from the lists of Non-Party Local Government Workers and the Civic Coalition. At a conference organized by Non-partisan Local Government, Jacek Kotula, who came from third place, argued that the European Union's ecological activities would lead to the impoverishment of society. “This is a constant increase in electricity prices, fuel prices, housing and living costs. The continuous increase in these fees will make half of our society poorer. Only those who can afford electric cars will live well, and an ordinary person will not buy an electric car for PLN 200,000. PLN, because he won't be able to afford it," he added. Kotula appealed to voters not to vote for people responsible for preparing the Green Deal, such as politicians from parties such as PO, PiS or PSL. He recalled that the government of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki adopted the ...
Source: AgroPolska
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