Reports that Ukrainian grain remains in Poland have not been confirmed

Published Feb 22, 2024

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Poland's Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Michał Kołodziejczak, has refuted claims that Ukrainian grain is being stored in Poland despite the embargo, stating it is only in transit. He suggested that farmers should consider protesting at a different border, not necessarily the Ukrainian one. Despite a positive trade balance with Ukraine, he highlighted that the Polish agricultural sector is experiencing a loss of EUR 656 million. He proposed the introduction of quotas for Ukrainian goods entering the Community and simplifying the process for shipping outside the EU.
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The reports that Ukrainian grain remains in Poland despite the embargo have not been confirmed, said Deputy Minister of Agriculture Michał Kołodziejczak on Tuesday. He suggested that farmers should protest on a different border, not necessarily the Ukrainian one. The deputy head of the Ministry of Agriculture stated in an interview with Polish Radio 24 that it cannot be said that there are no problems in agriculture, because they exist and "this is a fact". In his opinion, it is primarily the fault of previous governments, which did not solve problems in agriculture in a systemic way, but simply put a "band-aid on the wound". According to Kołodziejczak, the cause of the wound was not sought and an appropriate diagnosis was not made. "At this moment, Ukraine is boiling over," he emphasized. Kołodziejczak noted that currently Ukrainian grain transits through Poland and is not imported into the country. "Neither wheat, nor corn, nor rapeseed. These products do not stay here," he ...
Source: AgroPolska
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