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South Korea Fisheries Resources Corporation announced TAC operation business

한국수산자원공단, TAC 운영사업 수행
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South Korea
Regulation / Agreement
Supply Yield / Stock Quantity
Jul 18, 2022
From Fisheco
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The Korea Fisheries Resources Agency (FIRA) announced that it will carry out the total allowable catch (TAC) system operation from July this year to June next year in accordance with government policy.
The total allowable catch system is a system that sets the annual catch for a specific fish species and permits fishing only within that limit. Conduct fish species monitoring. The Korea Fisheries Resources Corporation is also supporting various government policies, such as agreements with fishermen, pilot projects for relaxation of fishing regulations, and surveys on trends in catching young fish. In the case of this time, from the existing 12 fish species, three official fish species (hairtail, sardines, and mackerel) and one demonstration fish species (anchovy) will be applied. In the case of the TAC set quantity, it increased by 62.9% from the previous year's 276,589 ...
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