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South Korea recognized as clean country, has two types of salmon infectious diseases

한국, 연어류 전염병 2종 ‘청정국’ 인정
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South Korea
Jan 11, 2021
From Fisheco
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The two types of fish diseases that Korea has acquired the status of as a clean country are diseases designated by the OIE and mainly occur in salmon, trout and fish in European countries, and this disease can cause mass mortality. In Korea, rainbow trout, a salmon type, is known as a susceptible species to these two diseases, but there has not been a single case of related disease so far. The conditions for obtaining the status of a clean country are quite strict, and there should be no such epidemic outbreak in the last 10 years and no history of vaccination. In addition, the results of regular surveillance activities and scientific sample survey data must be proven. Since 2011, the aquatic garden has been securing evidence for domestic rainbow trout farms, such as collecting related data such as continuous surveillance and monitoring, and scientific analysis. The Academy has reported the collected and analyzed domestic disease outbreak trend data to the OIE on a quarterly basis ...
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