Peru: An avian flu outbreak was reported inside a laying hen farm

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Published Feb 21, 2024

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A severe outbreak of avian flu in La Libertad, Peru has led to the death of around 4,000 birds and the culling of an additional 27,000. The World Organization for Animal Health has noted that 2023 has been a particularly devastating year for the poultry sector, with an epidemic causing the death of half a million birds and 9,000 sea lions. The Peruvian Government has extended the health emergency due to bird migration from North America until March. The disease claimed the lives of approximately 61,000 species and 1,000 mammals in the previous year.
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In the midst of the increase in the cost of eggs in Peru, it was learned that an outbreak of avian flu was detected at a laying hen farm in La Libertad. Faced with this problem, the World Organization for Animal Health (WCO) revealed that nearly 4 thousand birds died from the disease, while 27 thousand species were sacrificed. EPIDEMIC 2023 was a harmful year for the sector dedicated to the offering of poultry products since an epidemic was declared with a total of 500 thousand birds and 9 thousand sea lions dead due to avian flu. Worrying numbers occurred in La Libertad, which is why the Peruvian Government revealed that the health emergency due to the ...
Source: Panamericana
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