La Sierra already represents another force that drives the export of Hass avocado from the country

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Published Mar 4, 2024

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Peru's Hass avocado production is predicted to drop by 20-25% in 2024 due to high temperatures and rainfall, resulting in fewer and smaller fruits, says Juan Carlos Paredes Rosales, president of ProHass. Despite the decrease in production, prices are expected to rise due to high demand. The strategy is to allocate more avocados to the US and Europe where prices are high. New markets like Malaysia are being explored, and there are plans to further penetrate existing markets.
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( High temperatures and rainfall have been affecting Peru's Hass avocado production in the 2024 campaign, said the president of the Peruvian Hass Avocado Producers Association (ProHass), Juan Carlos Paredes Rosales. He indicated that, under normal conditions, this year Peru could export 700 thousand tons of Hass avocado, however due to climate issues, it is estimated that the volume would be reduced between 20 and 25%. He explained that this decrease is due to the fact that there are fewer fruits on the trees (there was fruit drop), and in the case of Trujillo (La Libertad) and Chiclayo (Lambayeque) there is smaller caliber fruit. He explained that on the north coast a drop in production of around 30% is estimated, and on the central and southern coast, a drop of between 15% and 20% is seen. In the case of Sierra, he said that it presents a very strong campaign. “300 containers of Hass avocado come out of the mountains a week, it is practically a small Colombia, so the ...
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