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Last days of broad bean and pea planting in Ödemiş, Turkey

Updated Jan 14, 2022
Beans and peas, which were planted in December and January and harvested in March and April, turned to the harvest season. While the seedlings are starting to show up in the pods planted at the beginning of December, the planting season is approaching the end of the pea planted until the beginning of January.
Expressing that the season is uncertain in the bean and pea production in the Kaymakçı Mahallesi of İzmir's Ödemiş district, the producer said, "Our costs have increased by one hundred percent. We hope that the sales prices will increase at the same rate." Hasan Ali Toprak, one of the broad bean producers, said, "Our production costs have doubled this year due to the increase in foreign exchange. I think that the production is less compared to previous years due to uncertainty and price increases. Broad bean plantings ended at the end of December. There will be no frost and frost during the flowering period, if we can achieve the price we want. "We will at least end the season unharmed," he said. Stating that the pod, which is a winter product, is not affected by rain, Toprak said, "As long as the weather conditions do not turn negative, the pod continues to grow. This year, sowing in Kaymakçı was less than last year. Last year, the harvest period was 7.5 TL, and the end of the ...
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