Vietnam: Late winter-spring rice in Soc Trang is exposed to hot sun, drought, and salinity intrusion

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Published Mar 2, 2024

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Farmers in Long Phu district, Soc Trang province, Vietnam, are grappling with a severe water shortage for their winter-spring rice crops due to saltwater intrusion. The local agricultural sector has had to shut culverts to prevent salt water from entering the fields, leaving crops without irrigation. This situation is especially critical for farmers who planted late, despite warnings from authorities. The water shortage is also impacting other late winter-spring rice growing areas in the province, with many rivers dried up and remaining water sources too saline to use.
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Mr. Ly Hung's winter-spring rice in Long Phu town, Long Phu district, Soc Trang province has been planted for 46-47 days and is seriously lacking irrigation water. According to Mr. Hung, the reason his winter-spring rice crop lacks irrigation water is because the water source is salty. The local agricultural sector is forced to close the culverts to prevent salt water from entering the field. Mr. Hung hopes that in the near future, the fresh water source will return, so that there will be water to irrigate rice. "My winter-spring rice has been lacking irrigation water for so long, I don't know when water will be pumped into the field again" - Mr. Hung said. This winter-spring rice crop, Mr. Thach Lam in Hamlet 3, Long Phu town sowed more than 1 hectare of rice. Currently, the rice tea is 46 days old and is being affected by saltwater intrusion. "When the salinity of the water was low, I pumped water into the fields. Now, the water in the rice fields has dried up, and the salinity ...
Source: Danviet
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