Mexico ranks as the country with the highest consumption of fruits and vegetables

Published May 27, 2024

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A survey by Statista Consumer Insight in 2023 revealed that Mexico leads in the consumption of fruits and vegetables in Latin America, with 86% of its adult population reporting regular consumption. The country's varied climate and geographical conditions allow for the cultivation of a wide range of fruits and vegetables. Argentina follows in second place, with Brazil, Spain, Italy, and the US rounding out the top five in terms of regular fruit and vegetable consumption. The survey highlighted significant differences in eating habits across these countries, attributing the variations to economic and cultural factors. China, despite being a major producer, does not reach the consumption levels of Mexico and Argentina due to the high cost of fruits in some regions.
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According to a survey carried out in 2023 by Statista Consumer Insight: Mexico was ranked as the country in Latin America that consumes the most fruits and vegetables. 86% of the adult population stated that they regularly consume these foods, which reflected healthier eating habits and more access to fruits and vegetables thanks to the country's production. The varied climate and geographical conditions of Mexico allow the cultivation of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables such as berries and high-quality avocados, which have allowed the country to consolidate its exports. According to the global survey, Mexico and Argentina, which is in second place, lead in the consumption of fruits and vegetables, with 86% of their adult population reporting healthy eating habits. In the case of Brazil, 86% of the adult population consumes fruits and vegetables regularly. Spain and Italy also stand out, with around 80% of their population following diets rich in these foods, influenced by ...
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