Lemons: 8 cents producer price and 400,000 tonnes unharvested in Spain

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Published Apr 18, 2024

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Spain's lemon growers are facing a severe crisis, with 400 million kilograms of lemons remaining unharvested due to low prices and lack of commercial interest, exacerbated by an oversupply in the market. This situation follows years of increased plantings driven by stable prices and growing export demand. The Union of Small Farmers and Livestock Breeders (UPA) has discussed potential solutions with the Minister of Agriculture, including activating a product recall measure, revising planting encouragement programs, and ensuring fair pricing through increased contract checks. There are also calls for stricter import controls on lemons from countries like South Africa, Argentina, Morocco, and Egypt to alleviate competition and price depression.
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Lemon growers in Spain are facing a disastrous year this year, as much of the production remains unharvested on the trees due to low prices and reduced commercial interest. Recently there was a meeting of representatives from the Union of Small Farmers and Livestock Breeders (UPA) with the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Spain Mr. Luis Plana and officials of the ministry. Producer representatives pointed out to the minister that 400 million kilograms (400,000 tons) of lemons are left unharvested on the trees due to a lack of commercial interest and depressed prices. As the head of the UPA's lemon sector, Antonio Moreno, told the minister, in the last five years there have been many new plantings in the country, which were "encouraged" by the stable producer price and increased demand for exports. But when the new plantations entered the production process they had the effect of causing "saturation" in the domestic market and in exports. The UPA is asking for a ...
Source: Agrotypos
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