Life in trucks: journalists showed the conditions in which Ukrainian drivers remain at the Polish border

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Published Mar 2, 2024

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Polish farmers' blockade of the border has created challenging conditions for Ukrainian carriers, with approximately two thousand trucks carrying commercial cargo to Ukraine stuck at checkpoints for over 15 days. The carriers claim they are being held hostage by the Polish strikers, despite their cargo being destined for Ukraine, not Poland. Military and humanitarian cargoes are, however, crossing the border more swiftly under police escort.
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The journalists showed the conditions in which Ukrainian carriers are forced to live during the blockade of the border by Polish farmers. This is reported by DW. According to witnesses, two thousand trucks are blocked at the checkpoints of Medyka - Shegyny and Korchova - Krakowiec on the Polish side of the common border with Ukraine. At the Korchova-Krakowiec point, Ukrainian carriers transporting commercial cargo to Ukraine are forced to stand in queues for more than 15 days. According to the drivers, they cook food right next to the cars and hardly have the opportunity to wash. Carriers claim that Polish strikers are holding them hostage. They cannot understand why Polish farmers blocked them, since they were transporting goods to Ukraine, not Poland. Ukrainian carriers note that military and humanitarian cargoes cross the border much faster than commercial ones. They are transported under police escort. Drivers said that law enforcement officers collect five to ten cars ...
Source: Agropolit
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