UK: Likelihood of a vegetable shortage for the Christmas period

United Kingdom
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Published Dec 7, 2023

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Unfavorable weather conditions in the United Kingdom have caused a shortage of certain vegetables. Heavy summer rains, followed by an unusually hot September and a rainy October, have led to crop delays and low yields. As a result, the potato harvest is at its lowest level ever, Brussels sprouts may be smaller, and quantities of cauliflower and broccoli are decreasing, potentially leading to a shortfall in broccoli supply during the Christmas period.
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England 06/12/2023 In the United Kingdom, vegetable production has been impacted by unfavorable weather conditions which could lead to a shortage of certain products. According to local media, heavy summer rains followed by the hottest September in history and then a rainy October caused crop delays and low yields. This year, the potato harvest reached only 4.1 million tonnes, the lowest level ever produced. Brussels sprouts should be smaller. Quantities of cauliflower are ...
Source: Fructidor
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