Live cattle prices in Brazil remain under pressure

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Published Feb 25, 2024

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Brazil's physical cattle market experienced a decrease in prices over the past week, particularly in the center-north region, due to slaughterhouses testing the market and a drop in wholesale prices in São Paulo. Despite a slower meat flow, the wholesale market managed to maintain stable prices. Analyst Fernando Iglesias anticipates a potential price decline due to typically lower demand towards the end of the month. However, exports of fresh, frozen, or chilled beef from Brazil saw a 39.6% increase in February, generating US$475,987 million.
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The physical cattle market experienced a drop in prices throughout the week. According to Safras & Mercado analyst, Fernando Iglesias, slaughterhouses began to test the market with greater emphasis, especially in the center-north of the country, after achieving good progress in slaughter scales, amidst the representative advance in the supply of females . Iglesias highlights that the drop in wholesale prices in São Paulo caused slaughterhouses to exert pressure on arroba prices for purchased cattle. “Despite not having been successful during the week, the rancher is still trying to maintain the strategy of maintaining the pace of business, taking advantage of the favorable pasture scenario, amid the rains in central-northern Brazil”, he says. Iglesias points out that the wholesale market presented stable prices during the week, despite the slower flow of meat. “The expectation is that there may be a decline in prices in the short term, due to the lower demand historically observed ...
Source: CanalRural
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