Livestock feed in Italy has further declined for barley and sorghum

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Published Mar 5, 2024

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Bmti surveys indicate a continued decline in the value of livestock feed products such as barley, sorghum, and soft wheats due to limited market activity. The strengthening of the euro against the dollar is driving down soybean prices, with significant reductions also seen in soybean meal. Protein sunflower flour is also decreasing in value, while rapeseed flour and wholemeal sunflower flour prices remain stable. These price drops are attributed to positive global crop harvest reports and the strengthening of the euro.
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From the Bmti surveys, soft wheats also show a decline. The decline of soybeans is sustained. Among the protein varieties, rapeseed and sunflower remain unchanged In the national price lists regarding livestock feed, according to Bmti findings, the declining trend for products intended for livestock feed remains prevalent. Barley, sorghum and soft wheats are still losing value compared to last week, due to limited trading activity on the market. The strengthening of the euro against the dollar pushes soybeans lower, with significant price reductions also for soybean meal. Further decrease for protein sunflower flour, with supply more than adequate for demand. Rapeseed flour and wholemeal sunflower flour remain stable. Soft wheat still in reverse In Bologna, wheat for livestock use recorded a drop of €2/t compared to the minimum price of the previous week, going from €212-220/t to €210-220/t (free arrival). The change compared to the previous year stands at -29%. Barleys downhill ...
Source: Terraevita
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