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Low week in the Lonja de Sevilla of Spain, with drops of 20 euros for triticale, 5 for barley and seven for corn

Semana bajista en la Lonja de Sevilla, con caídas de 20 euros del triticale, de 5 de la cebada y siete del maíz
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Jul 2, 2022
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The session of June 28 of the Lonja de Sevilla was marked by the drop in a good part of the categories. The most significant decrease is experienced by triticale, of national origin, which loses 20 euros per ton to 375 €/T. Five euros falls for barley, national origin, which places the highest quality, the one with more than 62 kilos per hectoliter, at 365 euros and the one with the lowest specific weight at 360 euros with the same decrease.
Corn, in this case of imported origin, falls seven euros to settle at €370/T. Finally, note that ...
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