Peru: This year blueberry prices will be lower than last year

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Published Feb 26, 2024

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Peruvian blueberry advisor, Luis Miguel Vegas, anticipates an increase in blueberry volume this year due to rested plants and favorable climate conditions. However, he does not expect the volume to surpass that of two campaigns ago. The increased volume is likely to result in lower prices compared to last year. Vegas advises companies to stay informed and optimize sales to avoid market saturation, and suggests targeted promotions during high-volume weeks.
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A few days ago, Portal Frutícola interviewed Andrés Mujica, Founder and CEO of Agrícola Santa Azul, a company dedicated to the cultivation of blueberries, north of Lima, who predicted that, “this year, with rested plants and a normal climate, Peru should “break a new record in exhibitions in the markets.” But we wanted to have a second opinion. Luis Miguel Vegas has worked as a manager at Proarándanos and currently works as a blueberry advisor in the Peruvian agroindustrial sector. This 2024, will there be more volume in blueberries, endangering prices? Luis Miguel Vegas, former manager at Proarándanos. “Last year we experienced a drastic, I would say dramatic, drop in the volume of blueberries in Peru,” says Luis Miguel. “We were still able to export a significant volume as a country, but far from the initial projection. As we all know, this was due to the El Niño phenomenon, which mainly impacted the most planted varieties in Peru, such as Biloxi and Ventura.” During a hot year ...
Source: MXfruit
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