Belarus: Lukashenko outlined tasks for the production of poultry products

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Published Apr 19, 2024

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Belarus plans to significantly boost its poultry and egg production, aiming for up to 800 thousand tons of poultry meat and 4 million eggs annually, as mandated by President Alexander Lukashenko. The decision comes in response to the current unsatisfactory production levels, with stagnant poultry meat output and declining egg production. Lukashenko has identified several challenges, including the need for improved technological and biological safeguards, high mortality rates among livestock, and dependence on imported ancestral stock. To overcome these obstacles, he has ordered the establishment of a modern selection and genetic center specifically for egg production and stressed the importance of achieving independence from imported poultry farms for at least one enterprise.
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In the near future, Belarus should begin producing up to 800 thousand tons of poultry meat and 4 million eggs per year. As Belarus Today writes, this task was set by the President of the Republic Alexander Lukashenko at a meeting on rural development and increasing the efficiency of the agricultural sector. Today the situation in this regard leaves much to be desired. According to the head of state, poultry meat production in the country increased by only half a percent from the 2022 level, and eggs decreased by 0.7 percent. In particular, the problem with the latter product is observed in the Minsk and Vitebsk regions. Another important point the president called was ensuring technological and biological protection of poultry farming in the country. She also faces serious problems. For example, he said, livestock deaths due to disease (without specific data for each type of farm animal) increased by an average of 12 percent. The most serious indicator is in the Gomel and Mogilev ...
Source: Rosng
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