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Published Apr 18, 2024

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In Russia, the profitability of crop production is anticipated to reach a five-year low due to various factors, including the country's success in replacing the EU as a primary grain supplier, leading to significant shifts in global wheat markets. Additionally, the agriculture sector faces challenges from ASF and other severe diseases affecting livestock, particularly pigs. The Russian intervention fund's grain purchases have also diminished to unprecedented levels, with minimal reserves being stored. Moreover, proposed amendments to the GOST standards for red caviar have elicited reactions from industry experts and manufacturers, indicating potential impacts on the market.
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This year, the profitability of crop production in Russia may be the lowest in the last five years. Analysts cited several reasons for this negative outlook. The EU is losing its position in the grain market because of Russia. Two large macro-regions switched from European to Russian wheat. The Ministry of Agriculture announced the number of pigs that died due to ASF last year. The ministry also provided data on other dangerous diseases of farm animals. Grain purchases to the Russian intervention fund fell to another minimum on ...
Source: Rosng
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