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Maintaining cow’s milk production capacity, genetic ability information is provided to farms in South Korea

‘젖소 우유 생산능력 유지’ 유전능력 정보 농가에 제공
This news article has been translated to English.
Cow Milk
South Korea
Supply Yield / Stock Quantity
Sep 30, 2022
From Nongmin
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The Rural Development Administration (Chairman Cho Jae-ho) announced on the 27th that the National Institute of Livestock Science announced on the 27th that it would develop new information on the genetic ability of dairy cows related to economic lifespan and provide them to farms in collaboration with the Dairy Feeding Office of Nonghyup Economic Holdings.
Economic lifespan is a trait that indicates the period during which a cow maintains its milk production capacity. Farmers can check and utilize the difference between the average milking days of domestic cows, which is 600 days, and the number of economic lifespans indicated in the genetic ability for each seed bull trait. In Korea, traits related to productivity (3 including flow rate), health (number of somatic cells), and body type (25 including height) are provided to farms as cow improvement traits. If economic life is provided in addition to this, it is possible to set improvement goals in consideration of the efficiency of farmhouse operation. Lim Ki-soon, head of the Livestock Improvement Evaluation Division at the ...
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