Malaysian palm oil exports plunge 18% in February, markets eye seasonal production drops

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Published Mar 4, 2024

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Despite an 18% drop in exports in February 2024, Malaysia's palm oil industry saw a 1.6% increase in its benchmark contract, due to speculative trading and anticipation of a seasonal production decrease. The export decline is attributed to lower soyoil prices in Chicago, weaker demand, and Indonesia's decision to reduce its crude palm oil reference price for March. The industry is now looking forward to a major conference for insights into future trends, especially Indonesia’s palm oil output and export forecasts.
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Malaysia’s palm oil industry witnessed a significant downturn in exports, with an 18% reduction observed in February 2024 compared to the previous month. Despite this decline, the benchmark Malaysian contract closed 1.6% higher, marking the fourth increase in five sessions and reaching a four-week high. This resilience in the face of falling exports underscores the broader market dynamics at play, including speculative trading patterns and the anticipation of a seasonal decrease in production. Data from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange reveals a dramatic shift in trader positions regarding palm oil futures. From a record bearish stance in October, traders moved to a bullish position in the early weeks of 2024, only to revert to a modest bearish position by February. This volatility in speculative trading reflects broader uncertainties in the vegetable oil markets, with palm oil prices leading gains against other oils. The shifting positions underscore the market’s sensitivity to ...
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