Map authorizes sale of gaucho products with state and municipal inspection throughout Brazil

Published May 17, 2024

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The Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (Mapa) has permitted rural producers in Rio Grande do Sul to sell animal products throughout Brazil, as long as they have only undergone state or municipal inspection. This temporary measure, published for the next 90 days, aims to help agribusinesses in the state clear their stocks and is valid for products not included in Sisbi-Poa but have the necessary inspection records. This decision was warmly received by federal deputy Alceu Moreira and other sector leaders, who see it as a means to preserve jobs and income for rural producers.
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Original content

Responding to a request from rural producers in Rio Grande do Sul, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (Mapa) published, this Wednesday (15), an ordinance that authorizes the commercialization of Rio Grande do Sul products of animal origin and that only require state inspection. or municipal for all of Brazil. The release is valid for 90 days and will help agribusinesses located in the State to release their stocks. “An important measure that meets what we have been requesting from Minister Carlos Fávaro, together with Farsul, Ocergs and other entities in the sector. By buying from our people, Brazil helps us maintain jobs, in addition to guaranteeing us income and dignity at this difficult time”, assesses federal deputy Alceu Moreira (MDB-RS), leader of agriculture in the ...
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