March 1: "Agricultural Products Wholesale Price 200 Index" dropped 0.62 points from yesterday

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Published Mar 2, 2024

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China's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has reported a decrease in the Agricultural Products Wholesale Price Index and the Vegetable Basket product wholesale price index on March 1. The average prices of pork, beef, mutton, and eggs have decreased, while the price of white strip chicken has increased. The average price of 28 types of vegetables has decreased, but the price of 6 types of fruits has increased. The top five price increases were seen in pear, cabbage, lettuce, silver carp and white striped chicken, while the largest price decreases were in large yellow croaker, garlic moss, spinach, large hairtail and lettuce.
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According to monitoring by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the "Agricultural Products Wholesale Price Index 200" on March 1 was 127.26, down 0.62 points from yesterday, and the "Vegetable Basket" product wholesale price index was 129.10, down 0.73 points from yesterday. As of 14:00 today , the average price of pork in the national agricultural product wholesale market was 20.14 yuan/kg, down 1.1% from yesterday; beef was 69.38 yuan/kg, down 0.2% from yesterday; mutton was 64.32 yuan/kg, down 0.6% from yesterday; eggs was 8.42 yuan/kg, It dropped 0.2% from yesterday; white strip chicken was 17.88 yuan/kg, up 1.2% from yesterday. The average price of 28 types of vegetables under key monitoring was 5.49 yuan/kg, down 0.4% from yesterday; the average price of 6 types of fruits under key monitoring was 7.26 yuan. /kg, up 0.4% from yesterday. Crucian carp is 18.47 yuan/kg, up 0.1% from yesterday; carp is 14.36 yuan/kg, down 0.3% from yesterday; silver carp is 8.93 ...
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