Meat shipments to NAFTA would stimulate the Paraguayan meat chain

Published May 18, 2024

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Mexico is considering the approval of Paraguayan beef imports, which would allow the national livestock sector to access the Nafta market. Following the completion of an audit, the United States has already authorized Paraguayan meat exports, making it the 18th country to receive such authorization. Canada has also greenlit nine Paraguayan meat processing plants to export red meat. This development is anticipated to provide a more reasonable mix for the industry and stimulate producers.
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The national livestock sector is hopeful that Mexico will allow the import of Paraguayan beef, since this would allow it to access the last member of Nafta, an agreement that guarantees free trade between Mexico, Canada and the United States. “The Mexico audit ended this week and we are very hopeful that it will enable us in that market. All market authorization is auspicious to be able to make a mix that is more reasonable for the industry and that this can permeate to the producer,” he pointed out to our media. He stressed that “having the United States, Canada and Mexico we would have the possibility of beginning to have a long-term vision and stimulus for the producer.” It should be remembered that on November 9, 2023, the United States officially announced the authorization of its market and with this, Paraguay became the 18th country certified to export meat to this premium destination. The first ...
Source: Productivacm
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