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Mexican avocado crossings through Texas in the United States, expected to remain about the same

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United States
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Nov 23, 2021
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Backlogs at major US ports are clearing up slowly thanks to various mitigation efforts and better coordination among dock workers, shipping lines, railroads, truckers, and port authorities. The number of empty containers on docks at the Port of Los Angeles has been reduced by 25% since the end of October, and the amount of cargo sitting at the port more than 9 days has decreased by 29%, which is ahead of the implementation of escalating fines this week.
Mexican avocado crossings through Texas are expected to remain about the same. Trading was fairly slow with prices on organic generally unchanged and others lower. Harvest was paused for a holiday in Mexico, but supplies remained adequate for the limited demand. This light demand, along with improved supplies from earlier in the season, is expected to lead to continuing lower prices. Peruvian imports of blueberries arriving through the Philadelphia and New York City areas movement via boat is expected to decrease as the season is past its peak. Trading was moderate with prices generally unchanged. Quality was reported as mostly good despite being late in the season. Peruvian imports arriving through Southern California movement via boat is expected to decrease seasonally. Trading was slow with prices generally unchanged. Unloading backlogs at the port which were causing condition issues on berries are slowly clearing as mitigation efforts continue. ...
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