Mexico could increase imports of yellow corn by 28% in 2024

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Published Nov 29, 2023

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The Mexican food industry is facing problems of marketing and low prices, exacerbated by the drought affecting corn production in states like Sinaloa and Sonora. As a result, the agricultural sector, including companies producing animal feed, will suffer serious repercussions. Mexico relies on corn imports to meet its needs, but the drought and lower productivity could increase import requirements from 18 million tons to 23 million tons next year, leading to potential tariffs on Mexican exports.
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2000Agro/Editorial Problems of marketing and low prices faced by the Mexican food industry. corn, coupled with lower expected production at the end of the cycles spring/summer (PV) and autumn/winter (WI) due to the drought that affects the main producing states such as Sinaloa and Sonora, will have serious repercussions on the agricultural sector, including companies producing balanced food for animals. So it warned Esteban Jaramillo, general director of the National Corn Chamber Industrialized (Canami), when participating in the plenary meeting of the Council National Manufacturers of Balanced Foods and Animal Nutrition (Conafab). The corn Yellow is the main raw material used by the food industry balanced. However, because domestic production is insufficient, In 2022 the sector imported around 12 million tons (67 percent of the grain it occupied), and this year will be no exception. "We have one major drought that affects 78 percent of the country. The expected production in PV ...
Source: MX2000
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