USA: Michigan potato supply chain valued at $2.5 billion

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Published Feb 21, 2024

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The Michigan Potato Industry Commission has highlighted the significant economic impact of the state's potato supply chain, contributing $2.5 billion to the economy in 2022. Potatoes are the second-largest produce commodity in Michigan in terms of volume and value. The state is the leading supplier of chipping potatoes in the US, with 70% of its production dedicated to chips. Fresh potatoes account for another 20% of production, while seed production and processing each make up 5%.
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The Michigan Potato Industry Commission says the economic impact of the state’s potato supply chain is substantial. Executive Director Dr. Kelly Turner tells Brownfield potatoes in 2022 were the state’s second-largest produce commodity in terms of volume and value. “Really nothing to this level has been done in the past and so we’re really excited to show the $2.5 billion economic impact to the state.” Phil Gusmano is a Michigan Potato Industry Commission commissioner and Vice President of Purchasing of Detroit-based Better Made Snack Foods. He tells Brownfield Michigan’s supply chain is working well. “At Better Made, we have had such good relations with our growers that we have not had any issues in any situation over the last five years where we have not been able to receive the potatoes that that we’ve contracted for,” he says. He says Michigan is the nation’s leading chipping supplier with 70 percent of the state’s production grown for chips. “In total, we calculate that one ...
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