Mild winter could complicate weed management

Sustainability & Environmental Impact
Published Feb 24, 2024

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Agronomist Josh Johnston from AgriGold has issued a warning that the mild winter could result in larger than usual spring weeds, making weed management more challenging. Despite the illusion of clean fields due to fall tillage, Johnston urges growers not to neglect weed control measures. He specifically suggests the use of a burndown herbicide before planting.
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An agronomist is concerned the mild winter could complicate weed management. Josh Johnston with AgriGold says weeds are beginning to sprout. “And as we get a little deeper into the spring, those weeds are probably going to be a little big bigger than they would in a typical spring. So monitor weed size, make sure you’re adjusting (herbicide) rates.” He tells Brownfield a lot of tillage was done in the fall, and some growers might look out across a field and think it’s clean. “But if you get out there and start walking these fields, you can see a whole bunch of these weeds are there. So keep that in mind, do not try to save money on ...
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