Italy: Milk supply chain, urgent meeting of the milk table at Masaf

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Published Nov 7, 2023

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The president of Confagricoltura, Massimiliano Giansanti, is calling for an urgent meeting of the Milk Table at the Ministry of Agriculture to discuss the declining milk prices and the challenges faced by the sector. According to Giansanti, milk prices in Italy have experienced a contraction of over 30% from December 2022 to September, while production costs have decreased by a smaller percentage. Despite positive export figures, Giansanti expresses concerns about the possible negative impact of the ongoing economic slowdown in Europe and emphasizes the importance of finding solutions to maximize the economic vitality of the entire supply chain.
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“We believe a meeting of the Milk Table at the Ministry of Agriculture is essential and urgent, to discuss the trend and prospects of the market with all parts of the supply chain, starting from the level of prices paid to farmers”. This is the request of the president of Confagricoltura, Massimiliano Giansanti, motivated by the growing difficulties of a sector that is essential for the Italian agri-food system. “According to ISMEA data, bovine milk prices recorded a contraction of more than 30 percent from December 2022 to last September,” notes Giansanti. “Production costs are also decreasing, but by a significantly lower percentage. Not only that: in recent times the prices of some raw materials used to feed livestock have been rising". Positive signs continue to arrive on the export side, with an increase in foreign sales of almost four percentage points in the first seven months of this year compared to the same period of 2022. “However, we must take into account – highlights ...
Source: Agricolae
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