Poland: The changes in the Green Deal meet farmers' expectations

Published May 20, 2024

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The Polish Minister of Agriculture, Czesław Siekierski, has announced changes to the EU Green Deal that he believes will be beneficial for farmers. The changes include making the 4% fallow of arable land mandatory from 2024, but making it voluntary under certain eco-schemes. There will also be fewer restrictions on crop rotation and diversification, and countries will be able to decide when to require soil cover. Farms up to 10 hectares will be exempt from inspections and penalties for environmental standard non-compliance. The European Commission has also withdrawn a project limiting pesticide use following Poland's intervention.
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The changes introduced in the Green Deal are good news for farmers because they meet their expectations and will make business planning easier, said the Minister of Agriculture, Czesław Siekierski, in a podcast posted on YouTube on Saturday. In his statement, Siekierski admitted that the requirements of the Green Deal raise "justified concerns of farmers not only in Poland, but in other European Union countries." He recalled that the aim of the regulation is to limit climate change by achieving zero greenhouse gas emissions in 2050. "However, today, in a crisis situation with a number of causes, the additional burdens on farmers may lead to a reduction in production and a further decline in their income," he said. He noted that the Ministry of Agriculture took part in the discussion aimed at introducing simplifications and favorable solutions reducing the burden on farmers. According to Siekierski, the changes proposed by the EC meet the simplifications proposed by Poland. He ...
Source: AgroPolska
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