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Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs in South Korea takes the lead in strengthening the competitiveness of aT domestic wheat and soybeans

농식품부, aT 국산 밀·콩 경쟁력 강화 앞장
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South Korea
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Sep 23, 2022
From Aflnews
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The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and the Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation (aT) are working to strengthen the domestic competitiveness of wheat and soybeans, which are highly imported We are accelerating the revitalization of stockpiling and consumption.
aT is expanding the domestic wheat government stockpile every year according to the 1st Basic Wheat Industry Promotion Plan (2021-2025). This year, the original target of 14,000 tons has been raised, and 17,000 tons are being purchased. It is expected that the purchase volume will more than double from last year's 8,000 tons. In addition, from 2020, it is intensively nurturing and supporting wheat production complexes to induce expansion of domestic cultivation area. The number of production complexes, which started with 20 in 2020, increased every year, and a total of 74 were selected this year. This is a 45% increase compared to last year's 51 locations. In terms of consumption revitalization, aT is supporting the 'Domestic Wheat Day' pilot project, which is a day to eat domestic wheat products once a month, in cafeterias of 5 public institutions to expand the consumers of domestic wheat, mainly sold at eco-friendly specialty stores. Wheat Consumption Win-Win Cooperation', the ...
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