USA: Minnesota to require H5N1 testing for show cows

Published Jun 15, 2024

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Minnesota's Board of Animal Health has introduced a new requirement for lactating dairy cattle to have a recent negative H5N1 test before they can be taken to fairs and exhibitions, effective from June 18th. This rule, similar to Wisconsin's, demands that the animals also carry a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection. The sampling for the test must be done by a veterinarian no more than seven days before the event, and the negative results are valid for moving the animals within Minnesota for 10 days from the sampling date. Both states have set the expiration date for these rules as December 31st, or earlier if H5N1 is no longer detected in the US. Testing for H5N1 is offered for free by the USDA APHIS at NAHLN laboratories, including the University of Minnesota’s Veterinary Diagnostic Lab in St. Paul.
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Minnesota’s Board of Animal Health will now require lactating dairy cattle to have a recent negative H5N1 test before going to fairs and exhibitions. The order takes effect Tuesday, June 18th. The show cattle must have both a negative H5N1 test result and Certificate of Veterinary Inspection. A veterinarian must oversee or collect samples from each animal traveling to the exhibition within seven days before arriving at the event. Samples must be sent to a National Animal Health Laboratory Network Laboratory. Once a negative result is received for an animal, it can move within Minnesota for 10 days from the sample collection date to locations specified on the CVI. Minnesota’s order is nearly identical to the Wisconsin order issued Tuesday, June 11th. Minnesota’s order expires December 31st. Wisconsin’s order starts ...
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