Mobility started in the sacrifice market in Erzurum, Turkey

Published May 22, 2024

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As Eid al-Adha nears, animal markets in Erzurum, Turkey, are bustling with breeders sending livestock to Western provinces. Despite adequate supply, sacrifice prices have surged by 70-80% from last year due to inflation and higher agricultural and livestock costs. İslam Yıldırım, President of the Yakutiye Chamber of Agriculture, emphasizes the need to increase forage production to enhance meat and milk yields. He also points out the challenge of finding long-term shepherds, with wages now at 50-60 thousand liras, and notes that Afghan shepherds prefer short-term work.
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As Eid al-Adha approaches, activity has begun in the animal markets in Erzurum. Mobility has begun in the market in Erzurum, one of the important centers of both cattle and sheep farming in Turkey. Breeders in rural areas are gradually shipping their animals to Western provinces and markets. Yakutiye Chamber of Agriculture President İslam Yıldırım emphasized that there is no numerical problem in terms of animal existence and said, “Our number of animals is at a level that meets the demand. However, there is a 70-80 percent increase in sacrifice prices compared to the previous year," he said. Yıldırım attributed the reason for the increase to inflation and the increase in input figures in the agriculture and livestock sector, adding, "These two factors constantly increase the prices of sacrifice. It is difficult to predict what this upward trend will be towards Eid al-Adha. But it is more likely that it will increase," he said. "Roughage production and consumption is important" ...
Source: Iha
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