Monday starts with corn rising on the Brazilian Stock Exchange

Maize (Corn)
United States
Market & Price Trends
Published Apr 15, 2024

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On Monday, the Brazilian Stock Exchange (B3) witnessed an uptick in corn futures prices, with values ranging from R$58.05 to R$62.62 during the morning session, and maturities for May/24, July/24, September/25, and November/24 experiencing increases between 0.55% and 1.15%. Conversely, the Chicago Stock Exchange (CBOT) saw a decline in international corn futures prices for May/24 to December/24 maturities, falling by 2.00 to 2.50 points. This decrease was linked to market reactions to anticipated planting rates and a potential rise in corn acreage for 2024, as well as a knock-on effect from a 1% drop in crude oil futures, which was itself a response to de-escalating tensions following Iran's attacks on Israel.
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Original content

Monday (15) begins with corn futures prices operating in the positive field of the Brazilian Stock Exchange (B3). The main prices fluctuated in the range between R$58.05 and R$62.62 at around 10:14 am (Brasília time). The May/24 maturity was quoted at R$ 58.05 with an appreciation of 1.15%, the July/24 was worth R$ 58.25 with an increase of 0.83%, the September/25 was traded for R$ 59, 98 with an increase of 0.55% and November/24 had a value of R$ 62.62 with a gain of 0.68%. The Chicago Stock Exchange (CBOT) opened the new week's activities with international corn futures prices operating in the negative field, with declines registered around 9:44 am (Brasília time). The May/24 maturity was quoted at US$ 4.33 with a drop of 2.00 points, the July/24 was worth US$ 4.44 with a devaluation of 2.50 points, the September/24 was traded for US$ 4, 54 with a drop of 2.25 points and December/24 had a value of US$ 4.69 with a loss of 2.25 points. According to information from the ...
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