Peru: The Regional Government of Moquegua and PERPG will support agricultural development in Nueva Querapi

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Published Apr 17, 2024

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The Regional Government of Moquegua, in collaboration with the Pasto Grande Regional Special Project (PERPG), is taking significant steps to ensure water access for the farmers of the Nueva Querapi resettlement, in compliance with the Resettlement Law. This initiative, led by regional governor Gilia Gutiérrez Ayala, aims to foster agricultural development and economic growth by updating water demand for crops, promoting sustainable agricultural practices, and ensuring the diversion of water resources for productive purposes. Additionally, the plan includes the development of basic health and education infrastructure to support sustainable and equitable growth in the region. This effort is part of a broader commitment to address long-standing issues and work towards a prosperous and sustainable future for the community.
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The Regional Government of Moquegua, in close collaboration with the Pasto Grande Regional Special Project (PERPG), has undertaken a series of decisive actions to ensure access to water resources for the farmers of the “Nueva Querapi” resettlement, in strict compliance with the Resettlement Law. This commitment not only seeks the well-being of the community, but also promotes agricultural development as an economic engine for the region. The active participation of the Regional Office of Dialogue and Conflict Prevention, the Regional Management of Natural Resources and the PERPG, marks the beginning of a fundamental process to satisfy the basic needs of the inhabitants of Nueva Querapi in the pampas of Jaguay Rinconada. In a work meeting, the president of the community, Adán Castro Gonzales, and the head of the irrigation committee, Ernesto Cayahuanca Machaca, called for prioritizing attention to the water problem for agricultural activities and human consumption. The general ...
Source: AgroPeru
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