More US beef and pork plants approved for export to China

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Published Nov 29, 2023

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China has recently approved the first U.S. beef and pork processing plants for exports in almost a year, providing a boost to the beef and pork industries. Although there was a halt in update of the establishment lists this year, China's recent update included 12 pork establishments and 18 beef establishments. Despite a decline in beef exports to China compared to the previous year, it remains the fourth largest export destination for U.S. beef.
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Erin Borror, vice president for economic analysis, with the US Meat Export Federation, says the announcement is good news for the beef and pork industries. “Up until about December of last year, that process was working,” she says. “And then this year we hadn’t seen any plant list updates. The good news is China did update the establishment lists and that update included 12 pork establishments and 18 beef establishments.” She says there is still a lot of export growth opportunity for U.S. beef and pork. “We still see China helping to support a record year for US pork variety meat exports, with ...
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