Iran: More than 113 thousand tons of dates were harvested in Shadgan

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Published Nov 12, 2023

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This year, farmers in Shadgan were successful in harvesting over 113,000 tons of dates from their orchards, according to Jamshid Islamian, the manager of Shadgan Agricultural Jihad. The city has over 13,000 hectares of palm trees, and more than 60,000 tons of dates were purchased by date buying workshops. The most popular varieties of dates in Shadgan are Otamaran, Barhi, and Brim, and the majority of dates harvested are of the colonial type.
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Referring to the end of the date harvesting operation in Shadgan, Jamshid Islamian said in an interview with ISNA: This year was a good year for the palm farmers of Shadgan and they were able to harvest more than 113 thousand tons of dates from the city's orchards. Stating that Shadegan has more than 13 thousand hectares of palm trees, he added: More than 60 thousand tons of dates have been purchased by date buying workshops from palm farmers in the city. The manager of Shadgan Agricultural Jihad said: There are different varieties of dates in the groves of Shadgan, the most important of which are Otamaran, Barhi and Brim. These three varieties of dates are purchased from Shadgani palm growers and are prepared ...
Source: Isna
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