More than 70 thousand rural properties were affected by the rains in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

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Published Nov 30, 2023

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Between November 16th and 24th, Rio Grande do Sul experienced heavy rains, hail, and windstorms that affected 72,318 rural properties, causing significant damage to infrastructure and agriculture. The agricultural sector in 198 municipalities reported losses, with 115 declaring an emergency. The losses include contaminated water sources, damaged buildings and facilities, and significant crop losses, particularly in soybeans, corn, and rice. Assistance programs have been launched by the State Secretariat for Rural Development to support affected producers and help in the recovery process.
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The weather events that occurred between November 16th and 24th in Rio Grande do Sul, especially heavy rains, hail and windstorms, affected 72,318 rural properties in Rio Grande do Sul. The information is contained in a report prepared by the Technical Assistance and Rural Extension Company (Emater/RS). According to the report, 198 municipalities reported losses in the agricultural sector, and 115 of them declared an emergency. The number of locations affected was 3,220. Regarding infrastructure, 37,640.65 kilometers of local roads were affected, and 1,238 communities faced production flow problems. In total, 434 water sources were contaminated and 8,400 families were left without access to water. The number of producers whose buildings and facilities were affected reached 6,307, with 63 warehouses, 71 silos, 242 smokehouses, 1,161 greenhouses/plastic tunnels for horticulture, 578 poultry farms, 772 ponds and 229 pigsties being damaged. The main grain crops affected were wheat, ...
Source: Beefpoint
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